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Sharing is caring | From whatsapp info to a great time at Donkey Sunrise

Bringing together like-minded moto travelers to share the joy of adventure with, that is what it's all about for us.

We truely believe in the motorcycle travel community. So not for nothing, we are active in the different WhatsApp groups there are about riding in Colombia and South America. And it makes us super happy when people roll in because of the recommendations of others that are shared in those groups.

A great example of this is the experience Mike and Leanne had based on a recommondation they've read in one of the WhatsApp groups.

A short recap of their reports on

"Through the WhatsApp community we made contact with “Donkey Sunrise” and to cut a long story short, in the early evening we met a couple of riders from there (John and Cara).

Instead of carrying on south we joined John and Cara today for a trip around this part of Colombia. The best part for me was that John had the waypoints in his GPS and all I had to do was follow the two of them. Surprising how more relaxed the ride was when someone else is in charge of the navigation.

John, Mike, Leanne and Cara ready for a ride together

The route that Tim from Donkey Sunrise (more on this wonderful place tomorrow) had given John took us high up in the hills in the coffee growing area. The views were stunning and the roads were in very good condition.

Donkey Sunrise was a great find, an awesome crew here looking after us, if you’re coming past this way we do recommend you stop here for at least one night (but a warning it is so easy to stay longer!)"

Read the full ADVrider report

Read the full report of Mike and Leanne, including all pictures and their review about Donkey Sunrise here and here.

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