“Get away from the tourist trail, come see where we live and enjoy the nature. You’ll experience the beauty of Colombian people, the friendly finca lifestyle, and some Colombian adventures.” - Jorge & Tim


Situated in one of the most biodiverse landscapes of Colombia, we found our forever home; Donkey Sunrise Adventure Hostel near to the beautiful town of La Union, Valle del Cauca, Colombia. Let us introduce ourselves and let you know how we ended up in this area.





Hola! I am Tim. Born and raised in The Netherlands but the past 15 years I’ve spent more time on the road learning about new cultures, countries, people and of course - chasing adventures with an open mind and heart. 


Before coming to Colombia to open up this hostel, I worked for a company in sales/marketing for 6 years. I learned a lot but it was not the kind of life I wanted to live. During this time I had a couple of travels in South and Central America and fell in LOVE with Colombia. The friendly faces and vibrant culture! With some help of my beloved friends and family, I made the decision... I am going on this adventure, without any intention of returning soon!


Fast forward to now, I am living in Colombia and starting a business with a great friend. For me, this adventure is about sharing memories and making people smile! 


My motto: A day without laughter is a day wasted.


If I would describe Donkey Sunrise in one word, it would be: HEART. Donkey Sunrise is a company with a heart!




Que pasa? Soy Jorge un Colombiano, well let’s begin my story….


At the age of 16, I went to the US for work and ended up living there until just recently. I worked for a few different companies and big corporations doing sales, most of the time I rode a motorcycle to travel around and make my business deals. I loved the feeling of adrenaline and adventure it gave me, and still gives me.


During one of my trips in Colombia Tim and I met. We were at a hostel during Feria de Cali and started sharing our stories and some drinks too of course. We knew that we both liked adventures and motorbikes and of dancing salsa or bachata. 


After this encounter We continued our friendship and decided to meet up in different locations to travel and explore new horizons. We ended up taking another trip in Colombia, but this time we did it on motorbikes! 


During the trip, we had no destination, no worries, no place to be, all we needed was to make sure we had gasoline in the bikes.


We talked about doing something new that allowed us to travel and continue to meet like-minded people. After several discussions we decided we wanted to open a hostel of our own, so that’s how we ended up here in La Union Valle del Cauca with our very own adventure hostel, Donkey Sunrise. 


“I had a fantastic 2 weeks with Tim and Jorge at Donkey Sunrise. They made me feel at home from the start. The location is beautiful with views of the mountains all around. The best part was being able to take a dip in the pool to cool off in the afternoons. I'd definitely recommend Donkey Sunrise to anyone visiting Colombia!”

Amy Woods, Volunteer

3 # 2-75 Centro del Poblado de San Luis,
La Union, Valle Cauca, Colombia

Tel: +57 320 828 9336

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