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From curious guest to video-editing, tour guiding and off-road training volunteer!

Name: Quintin

Age: 41

Country: United states

Motorcycle: Tenere 700 a.k.a Dora 

Having his own company as a boxing coach in New York, Quintin was living a good life. Yet, as most travelers, he had the desire to explore more. And not just ‘some’ travel. He decided that he wanted to travel with a motorcycle. And with all dreams, you just have to start. So he sold his business and off he went! On a mission to travel the world on his motorcycle.  

Starting off in New York, the plan was to travel all along the Panamerican Highway towards Ushuaia. But it was during his time in Ecuador where he met another traveler John Dewey, who told him about this amazing place ‘Donkey Sunrise’. And that wasn’t the first time he heard of it. During his stay in El Cocuy in Colombia, Guaimaro campsite mentioned Donkey Sunrise as well. Convinced by John’s words to “definitely go to Donkey Sunrise”, he decided to go back to Colombia to check it out. 

Initially, he just wanted to experience the vibe where everyone was talking about. To have the opportunity to meet other travelers. Resulting in having such a great time, that he wanted to stay longer. 

“Meeting other motorcycle travelers really sparks my joy. Being able to trade stories with like minded people is very difficult to do back home. I really love Colombia and I found Donkey Sunrise to be a good hub to do different trips from here. It’s not far from Cali which is one of my favorite cities in Colombia and I truly believe in what they are creating here at Donkey Sunrise. As a traveler, I also knew it wasn’t cost-effective to stay for such a long time, and so I took the opportunity to volunteer. It felt like a good fit.”

Having his own Youtube channel, Quintin has experience with video editing. A skill that was very welcome at Donkey Sunrise, as we were in the midst of spicing up our digital marketing. But as time passed and we got to know Quintin better, it turned out he had even more skills to bring to the table! From offering fitness training to the Donkey Sunrise crew to guiding tours and giving our guests off-road lessons. Quintin really took the time to develop himself. 

“My ‘why’ in life is to teach. I really enjoy teaching others. Bringing over the knowledge that I have to help others, really fulfills me. And I’ve actually learned a lot (about) myself as well. For example, achieving second place in a roadbook race, haha! It was my first time doing a roadbook rally race, sponsored by Donkey Sunrise, and I really enjoyed it! I’ve also developed a valuable skill as an off-road instructor and that Colombia has so much to offer!” 

It is in his free time, where he gets to explore the small town of La Union, go on rides in the mountains nearby and experience his favorite city Cali. But being at Donkey Sunrise also gave him the time to work on his bike and do some editing for his youtube channel. 

“One of the things that really surprised me was the amount of different landscapes around here. This area is so incredible for riding a motorcycle up in the mountains. I didn't think there was this much riding to do around here.” 

Unfortunately, Quintin’s visa is ending. “I would definitely have stayed longer if that wasn’t the case. I would totally recommend volunteering here. There’s a reason why people come here and stay longer. Nice vibe, incredible scenery. It’s so great to meet many like-minded travelers and the family here is really nice. The food is great too, just watch out for a lemonada de coco addiction.”

We are truly grateful to have had Quintin around these past 5 months! We’re going to miss him, but excited for him to continue his next travel chapter: riding his motorcycle to Buenos Aires where he will leave this continent to explore another continent by motorcycle: Africa! Follow Quintin on instagram via @nomadon2wheels and his youtube channel.

Last advice from Quintin: 

“If you are thinking about traveling on a motorcycle: don’t hesitate, just do it. Don’t be afraid, because there is a huge motorcycle community that will help you. Don’t be afraid to go off the beaten path. Step out of your comfort zone, that is where the magic will happen!”

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