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Time for a pitstop? We are conveniently located at the Pan-American Highway on Route 23 located next to the Cordillera Central Valle del Cauca between Cali and Pereira. Easily accessible from the main road, we have created a little oasis in the middle of a true Colombian small town. The surrounding area is well-known to motorcyclists and paragliders for the tropical climate that enables year-round riding and flying!


La Union has a strong and lively Colombian community vibe. Locals will gather in the town plaza for socializing and while sipping on a freshly brewed coffee or a cold beer. After a full day of activities, let loose and sample the Colombian nightlife in the town’s discotecas, or practice your Spanish with our friendly neighbours.


Donkey Sunrise is situated in a valley surrounded by mountains and farmlands.

​The mild climate here gives sunshine and heat during the day and a cool breeze as the sun goes down, making it the perfect place to start your adventure.

An area rich in biodiversity, you can always hear the colourful birds singing, and in the mountains you may even spot a monkey or two!


La Union is also known as The Wine Capitol of Colombia! Producing the majority of the wine in the country, kilometers of vinyards decorate the valley. If youre looking to unwind on a sunny day with a wine tasting in a local vinyard.

See how its made with a visit to Parque National la Uva (National Park of Grapes), for the wine museum and tour of the farm!

also abundant in a wide variety of locally grown exotic fruits, from papayas to pineapples to avocados.


Our neighborhood and its surrounding area is truely a small town vibe. We know our neighbors, and they us. Made up of mostly farmers and working class, they take care of eachother and want a great place to live as anyone else. As with any other place, your safety comes down to making smart decisions, and "dont give papaya"- a common saying here in Colombia, that means don´t make yourself an easy target. Another saying goes, "the biggest danger in Colombia is falling in love with it and never wanting to leave!"



There's more to our area than just moto adventures! We also have some of the best paragliding, mountain biking, and horseback riding, and with our temperate climate, these activities are accessible year-round. If you want to mix things up, we are happy to organize some of these add-on excursions that our community has to offer, with the best guides in the area.



The original overlanding vehicle. Explore the beautiful coffee region on horseback, Colombian style.



Host to several paragliding events and competitions, our region boasts exceptional geography and climate for flying! Let us arrange your flights in the Valle del Cauca with our paragliding partners. 


We also offer mountain bike rentals! Put together a route with us and go and explore the area.

Biker Going Uphill
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