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No motorcycle? No problem. Want to take a break from your big touring bike and get on a lightweight version to explore more off-road? Rent one of ours and join a tour or explore on your own. We have a selection of adventure-ready motorcycles, outfitted with quality gear and maintained by brand professionals. You'll get more than just a motorcycle rental - you'll have all the help you need to plan the perfect trip. 


Suzuki DR 650

Need I say more? A long-standing model that has proven itself to be reliable and fun on and off-road. It is lightweight and is especially suitable for difficult terrain.

1 day: $89

3 – 6 days: $85 / day

7 – 13 days: $80 / day

14+ days: $75 / day


Royal Enfield Himalayan 411cc

A stylish all-around motorcycle for on and off-road, powerful enough to climb in muddy terrain. Perfect for a budget trip.

1 day: $65

3 – 6 days: $60 / day

7 – 13 days: $55 / day

14+ days: price negotiable


Honda XRE 300

Can do it all. Comfortable and easy to ride, there's a reason it's one of the most popular choices for adventure riders down here. Great on the pavement or getting dirty in the mud.

1 day: $69

3 – 6 days: $65 / day

7 – 13 days: $60 / day

14+ days: price negotiable

Honda XR 190L

Great for beginner riders, the XR 190L is lightweight, has a low seat height, and is easy to handle. It's the perfect bike to get a feel for the dirt with its non-intimidating size and weight. 

1 day: $55

3 – 6 days: $50 / day

7 – 13 days: $45 / day

14+ days: price negotiable


Mountain Bike

This bike won't scare the monkeys away like the others. If you want a better chance at spotting some of the diverse native birds and fauna or are craving a little exercise, hit the trails on an analog version.

$15 per day

More options coming soon...

What's included


* Unlimited Mileage – no mileage limits so feel free to explore as much as you want. 

* Insurance – standard insurance included (additional insurance optional $10/day).

* Engine protectors and other safety features as standard.

* Bikes are serviced after every rental by professional mechanics from the dealership.

* 20% discount on your stay at Donkey Sunrise with every rental.

* Luggage Storage – leave your excess luggage with us whilst you are away.


Not Included


*Fully refundable security deposit

*Protective riding gear

*Luggage system

*Additional insurance

All prices are in USD



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