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Visiting the only house in the valley of a vulcano

Exploring. Don't we all love it? Making new memories, creating great stories to tell. And as the famous line goes: "Happiness is the only thing that mulitplies when you share it." For that reason, we love to organise our guided tours, so that after (sometimes) months of traveling alone, our guests can now share those great moments together.

One of those stories is the man that lives in the only house in the valley of a vulcano. Imagine, riding a wonderful (sometimes somewhat challenging) route offroad, that all of a sudden leads you to this wonderful green valley and the only thing you see is 1 house. Would you go there...?

Of course you do! Because you are with new friends, that are all like-minded explorers. You will find out that this great green valley is actually the valley of an active vulcano. And together with 2 cute dogs and 4 ducks with funky hair styles, you get to try the local drink: Panela with cheese. You hate it or you love it....

Most people do enjoy the sugary drink, as they've used a lot of energy crossing the mud holes before getting to the valley. Some crossed succesfully, others strongly considering buying a snorkle as add-on for their bike. Either way, it are those moments that will stick. That will create a bond between travelers. And even encourage them to explore more!

Because we know one thing for sure: the real adventure starts beyond the pavement. And we are happy to share it with you! Contact us to hear more about our coming rides.

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