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It´s the part we don´t like to talk about but we know it is an important part of travelling. So to calculate your budget you can find our prices below.


Delux room with terrace, queen-size bed, and private bathroom 

180.000 pesos per night

Double room 2 beds with private bathroom 

130.000 pesos per night

Single room with private bathroom 

90.000 pesos per night


50.000 pesos per night

Food, family style cooking


-10.000 COP 

join our family at 7.30 (oatmeal with fruits and fresh coffee

-15.000 COP

8.00 - 9.00 AM Includes: eggs, fresh coffee, toast or arepa, and fruits


-25.000 COP includes a lunch with our family, which can be Indian, Thai, or Venezuelan flavors, and includes a salad and a refreshing drink and finish with a coffee.



is not standard in Colombia, ask us what is possible 

Lunch requires a 12 hours notice.

Tent / campervan / Hammock

One Tent / campervan / hammock 

2 persons 50.000 per night

1 person 35.000 per night

Includes: shared bathroom, Wifi, a sink for washing dishes, hammocks.

Additional services

Laundry one basked 30.000 pesos (all in one wash)

Fill water tank from camper 25.000 pesos per 100L 


Mountain Bike rent for 10 hours 50.000 pesos

Keep in mind that we are not always at the property so communication is KEY.

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