Donkey Sunrise is situated in a valley surrounded by mountains and farmlands.

An area rich in biodiversity, you can always hear the colourful birds singing, and in the mountains you may even spot a monkey or two!

The mild climate here gives sunshine and heat during the day and a cool breeze as the sun goes down, making it the perfect place to start your adventure.


La Union, one of a cluster of wine producing towns, is also abundant in a wide variety of locally grown exotic fruits, from papayas to pineapples to avocados.

Sample the local arepas and empanadas in town or chill out with a beer while our chef prepares you a delicious home cooked dinner.


La Union has a strong Colombian community vibe. Locals will gather in the town plaza for socializing and dancing whilst sipping on a freshly brewed coffee or a cold beer.

After a full day of activities, let loose and sample the Colombian nightlife in the town’s discotecas, or practice your Spanish with our friendly neighbours.


Working closely with local farms, we can arrange transportation and guided tours to meet the farmers and learn about their working culture.

Taste their freshly harvested produce and experience a different way of life.